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For most of Wednesday I am going to be hanging out with Professor Green and Misha B (Or rather, they will be hanging out with me– Those lucky cats). It is The Transformation Trust’s ‘Rock Assembly’ at Wembley Stadium. This is an event for 10,000+ students (ages 11-19) to find out more about potential careers followed by a concert which includes a gaggle of A listers.

We were lucky enough to do the Identity work for this one so I’ll be hanging back-stage and signing autographs for most of the day (…er… more likely be serving 7up to pimply teens). At some point I’m sure I will be led off the main stage by security for doing a ‘Freddy’ but it will be fun all the same.

The Transformation Trust is an education charity dedicated to opening the doors of opportunity to young people across the country. They do this by working with some of the most challenged schools in the country, offering their pupils opportunities and experiences that help them to develop employability skills and build their confidence.

You can find out more about this awesome charity here:



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